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Hot Adult Contemporary - CKMB-FM

Format Description

Kool FM's HOT/AC format continues to remain one of the most popular formats in Canada playing a balanced variety of music from the 1990s to today's hits.

- Kool FM reaches 112,300 people weekly in its full coverage area. 
- Kool FM reaches 43,500 Barrie listeners each week!

Kool FM is a radio station that broadcasts the music and lifestyle designed to appeal to a target audience of Adults 25- 54 (female skewed). 

rhiannaOur primary listener is the professional woman. She understands the world of juggling a family, a career ... and herself. Kool FM starts her day with the best local news, weather, school and bus information, the latest in entertainment and, of course, the music she wants to hear.

Kool FM communicates what is happening in the world, and more importantly, in her community. Kool FM is a quality local station playing Barrie’s best mix of the 90’s to now.

Great Artists: Playing the best music from Maroon 5, Hedley, Pink, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Nickelback, Adele, Taylor Swift, Carly  Rae  Jepsen, Marianas Trench, Avril  Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Ed Sheeran, Fun, Train, Lady Gaga, Matchbox Twenty, Kesha, Simple Plan, Madonna, and many more!

Kool FM targets consumers in their prime spending years.

Demographic Profile

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woman shopping 18

Age: Over 65% of Kool FM's listeners are Adults 18-49 and over 52% are Adults 25-49. Adults 25-54: Over 61%.

 Females 12+ living in Canada favour the Hot Adult Contemporary format.

-65% of Kool FM listeners in Barrie are female while 35% are male.
-The majority of this consumer group falls significantly into the 18 to 44 age group.

  Kool FM is #1 is in university education with a post-graduate degree. 
65% of Kool FM listeners have a Post-Secondary Education.

couple shopping 15Household Income:
Kool FM listeners have a high disposable income.

- 61% earn over $75,000 (index 124).
$100,000+: 37% (index 115).

- A large portion of the audience has an HH income of $125,000-$149,999.

Occupation: Kool FM targets individuals who are employed full-time in a variety of occupations including owner, manager, professional, clerical, trade, skilled sales, and technical. 72% are employed. (index 118). 31% are executives, managers, and professionals. Work Full-time: 57% (index 122). 

family 14Household: 55% (index 99) of Kool FM listeners are married.

- 3+ people: 71%
- Children <12: 33% (index 160)

Kool FM listeners are in their prime earning and spending years.

Spending Profile

Kool FM listeners have tremendous purchasing power!

Kool FM targets homeowners. 55% of Kool FM listeners own their own home. A huge category of these consumers is home improvement and home decorating.

construction 15Home Spending: Average number of Hot AC listeners in Canada that started or completed the following in the past 2 years:

40% interior painting/wallpaper
36% landscaping or yard improvements
23% plumbing
25% exterior painting/staining
21% deck/fencing
22% energy conservation projects
18% floor tiles or vinyl flooring
21% other home projects 
21% installed windows or doors

60% of Kool FM listeners spent $1,000 or more on home improvement in the past 2 years. 

Kool FM listeners are #1 in terms of home improvement and renovations.

Iwoman carkeys 3nvestments: Kool FM targets listeners who have high incomes and invest in mutual funds, stocks/bonds, retirement programs, savings accounts, etc. RESPs: 28% Index 137, RRSPs: 53% (index 107). Mutual Funds: 39% (index 93)  GICs/Term Deposits: 28% Index 127.

Work out/aerobics, downhill ski, yoga/Pilates, bike, jog, hike/camp, garden, boat/sail, play racquet sports, hockey.  Eat out at family/casual restaurants, fast food, bar/pubs and coffee donut shops. Go out to casinos, concerts, amusement/theme parks, the movies, sporting events, nightclubs/bars, local festivals.

Kool FM
 listeners enjoy going out to music
 concerts & bars and restaurants more so than the average Canadian.

family 15Spending: Kool FM listeners are heavy consumers of appliances, charitable donations, cosmetics, clothing, computer software & hardware, electronics, sporting goods, video systems/games, online goods & service, cell phones, and spa services.

Vehicle Spending $20,000+ - Index 115. Purchased in the past 2 years 18% Index 95. Purchased New in the past 2 years: 11% Index 92.

Kool FM listeners Vacations/Past Yr: 61% (index 107).

- In Ontario: 46%
- In Canada / outside Ontario: Approximately 18%

- To USA: 21% (index 90)

Get more customers and increase sales with Kool FM.

Kool FM Ratings Profile


A25-54   Kool FM #2

F25-54    Kool FM #1

M25-54   Kool FM #3

Source: F’13 BBM, AQH RTG, Mo-Su 5:30a-12:00a


A25-54   Kool FM#2

F25-54    Kool FM#2

M25-54   Kool FM#2

Get your message out to thousands of potential customers every week on Kool FM.

Here's Why Kool FM Targets Women

woman shopping 11080% of all (male, female, and child) apparel purchases are made by women.

94% of all home furnishing purchases are controlled by women.

85% of all household spending is controlled by women.

50% of new computers are bought by women.

91% of all real estate purchases are influenced by a woman.

20% of home purchases are made by single women.

85% of all new vehicle purchases are directly influenced by a woman.

92% of packaged goods spending is controlled by women.
52% of all new vehicle purchases are made by women.

70% of travel decisions are made by women.

92% of all vacation travel decisions are influenced by women.

55% of wine purchases are made by women.

45% of all electronics purchases are made by women, and 61% are influenced by a woman.

90% of women participate in decisions about household investment and retirement accounts.
 Bridget Brennan, author of
 Why She Buys and recognized expert on women consumer behaviors and motivations.

Kool FM listeners control retail sales dollars in the Barrie market.

computer 2KOOL FM  Listeners Are Using Their Mobile Device To:

Stream Radio – 18% Index 95
Visit Station Website – 24% Index 119
Shop – 33% Index 130
Bank-Index  55% Index 132
Visit social networking site – 63% Index 123

Source Numeris Barrie CTRL Fall 2017  Mon-Sun 5 A - 1 A Adults 12+/Comp %

Wake Up With Dale & Charlie On Kool FM


Start your day with great music and a whole lot of fun with Dale & Charlie weekdays 5:00 AM to 9 AM.

Charlie is a self-proclaimed “okay mom”, who spends half of her time trying to make her husband “less embarrassing” and the other half lugging her two kids to karate lessons and generally trying to get them to sleep early enough to have some “me time.”

Dale, on the other hand, has no kids and a staggering abundance of “me time”. When he’s not laughing his mornings away with Charlie, he’s balancing the overwhelming duties of an avid traveler, a semi-professional gambler, and a hot tub philosopher.

They have their differences, yes, but like Orange Juice and Champagne…they make every morning a great morning.

Get your day started with Dale & Charlie weekdays 5 AM - 9 AM on Kool FM.


Kool FM's Coverage Map

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